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Penggeli Puting Payudara

Putting breast stimulator - Aid Women Breast Nipple stimulator Nipple stimulator Flirt USA is a powerful tool to help women stimulator your nipples and the sensitive parts of her other.

Putting breast stimulator Aid Women
Putting breast stimulator - We know you want to get a bit of a different game, or maybe you do not know and just want to experiment. Putting is one of the body's most sensitive and tense exciting and easy! What we love about nipple clamps is that they are strong, but they could not be easier to use. But it's as simple as this tool has a multi-speed on a remote control that can be set with different speeds of vibration, and vibration came from bullets that are near or below the nipple clamps are rubber coated so it feels more comfortable when its use.

Putting breast stimulator Aid Women
Putting breast stimulator - Nipple Stimulator Flirt USA tools that have infinite pulse and vibe. Nipple Stimulator Flirt USA (Breast Nipple stimulator) as nipple clamps are not like anything you have ever experienced before her. Because these nipple clamps can start enjoying the intense pleasure with multi-speed vibrations that will stimulate your sensitive breasts. Enable pulsed mode for more varied sensations. Incredible as this milk punting clamp can generate tension and sexual stimulation as equipped with comfortable rubber coating; pads fingertips to easily change from vibration to pulsation orgasmic sexy and very comfortable with this change. So Nipple Stimulator Flirt USA (Breast Nipple stimulator) may be used for both men and women to stimulate breast milk or her so that they can enjoy all dimensionaI new passion!.

Putting breast stimulator Aid Women
Putting breast stimulator is actually its not only used to stimulate the breast or nipple women or men only. But can be used for anything else, Depending on your creativity so you can enjoy new sensations. One example you can use as sexual aids spouses at the time wanted to have sex, especially on Sa'at foreplay, vibration Speed ​​can be adjusted by remote available. Nipple Stimulator Flirt USA (Breast Nipple stimulator) using 2 x AAA batteries.

Some advantages Nipple Stimulator Flirt USA (Breast Nipple stimulator):
Equipped with 2 bullet vibrator.
There is a Remote Control to set getara and throbbing.
Function vibrating, pulsating and surging.
You can wear it under your clothes to enjoy the sensation of intercourse for as long as you do not have sex, At work, sit without disturbing your activities.
Suitable for men and women are busy and still want to feel sexual pleasure.
Strong and Sustainable.

Contents packaged:
2 Fruit Tweezers nipple or breast covered with a comfortable rubber.
2 pieces of bullet or egg stimulator vibration and pulsation.
Connector cables and remote control bullet.
1 Fruit remote control.

Tweezers nipple length 3 cm.
2 pieces vibrating bullet length of 5 cm.
Remote control 12cm long
Weight 0.5 kg.
Using 2 AA batteries.

Special plastic.
Special rubber.

For Used in:
fore play.
For Body Part:
Putting breast or milk.
Testis penis.


To maintain and pay attention to hygiene before and after use.
His best use for yourself or in use only for one person.
Clean it with shampoo or liquid anti-bacterial liquid before and after use, so that his kebesihan awake and free of bacteria.
Then wipe with a towel or tissue.
Save the device is returned to its box to be free of bacteria.
Keep in place not exposed to direct sunlight.
So it is ready for its next use.
So it is so on.

Putting breast stimulator Aid Women
Country of Origin: Japan.
Price: Rp. 375.0oo, 00 -

contact: 081355866789 or pin BB 27B5DE4E

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